Tree is down and new wedding cake topper dolls...

Finally, the 'crew' here got their tree down.

My new project.

Wedding cake topper dolls (in chalk) that are special to me. 
I am 'in process' of restoring them.  
They were on my Mother and Father-in-law's cake...
and soon (May 27th, 2018) they will grace the cake of my own dear son,
Nate and his fiance, Silver.



  1. Oh my goodness that is so cool that your are restoring those cake toppers. Then your son and his wife will use them - that is wonderful and that will make such a great memory!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yes, I'm excited! Happy to use the wee dolls. I'll post a pic when they are all done!

  3. That's so neat that the topper will be on their cake. It's wonderful.

    1. Thank you Lynn. It's been a heck of a winter here. Going out to shovel the! ;-/


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