"Kana Kicking Back"

This is a fully articulated Volks Japanese doll named 'Kana.' 
(Sadly, this model has been discontinued! Darn it!)
Here she is modeling for a new line of custom couches 
I am constructing 'from the ground up.' 
(I had to use a coping saw and balsa wood!) 
There is a pile of sawdust in my doll room. 
Kana is lying on a handmade matching Angora pillow!! 
(Better photos are forthcoming 
when we get some real light here!)

Ahhh. Now this girl has the idea!

lg ;-) 


  1. Wow! You're making couches! I'm so impressed. And I love how Kana is just reclining away.

  2. I know Lynn. The 'couch thing' was really FUN! My own pattern, too, which was a gamble. I made a balsa wood frame and the entire couch (top cushion, bottom cushion and side pillows) are all attached so they just lift out as one piece. So, theoretically, if I had other fabric couch parts made, you could change your couch out to a new fabric! Wow. If I had a backer I could market the concept on a larger scale. A bit like a futon but 'couchier.' :-)

  3. Your Kana looks very comfortable! :)

    Did you make or buy the dog?

  4. jSarie, Bought the dog! (It's a vintage 'Barbie' black wire-cleaner poodle.) Made the couch and the wee little scarf! Thanks for you attention to detail. That is one of the hallmarks of a true doll lover!!!


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