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Today is a smattering of this n'that. 

Featured Doll:
1950's (early) Vogue Ginny Doll.

This doll is made of hard plastic, therefore she endues the test of time! 
When you move her arms or legs her head moves back and forth, which gives her 
an extra 'cute' factor. She has root beer brown glass eyes (another cute factor, imho :-) )
Her eyebrow's have faded to a limey yellow (not well seen in the photo here.)
This is her original vintage outfit depicting a ballerina with old crinoline-type tulle, 
satin shoes and felted pastel flowers in her hair. Her hair is a dark root beer brown and is 
the original vintage Mohair (which is why it is sparse.) Better to save the old hair than add new (in the case of restoration.) The color palette of her outfit is faded pink pastels.
I adore her! She is one of my favorites! (There is a story that I have 
about why I have some vintage Ginny dolls but I will save it for another day.) 

A Twist n'Turn Barbie doll head that is being sold. One of the great things about dolls in this era (1950's-60's) was that their heads can be removed and easily placed on a new (old) :-) body. Her hair is a beautiful ash blond but it looks like mink; it has a slight grayish-pink hue to it. These dolls are rare in good condition because the vinyl can fade and can often change color in the face. Their bend leg bodies are also easily ripped and torn because of the inherent weakness of the soft vinyl covering the mechanism to make their legs bend at the knee. 

Current Project. A vintage Skipper doll head that needed hair plugs replaced and added due to thinning hair. She also needed her lips repainted, which is already done! 


And thank you for joining me!


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