Sweet Skipper

1963 Skipper Doll 
Stylin' Now 

This might be my favorite doll! 
(I know, I just might be saying that about each doll I post here...) 
Ha ha! 

This is a vintage 9 inch tall Skipper doll (made by Mattel) from 1963!
And I just finished refurbishing her! It is very cold and snowy here, now, 
in the High Country so I have plenty of time on my hands... 

Things done: I added hair plugs of her same strawberry red color as for some odd reason, her hair was too thin in places (but it was in good shape.) This involves cutting small bunches of about 7 strands or so each of Saran hair, using a long, sharp, darning needle and inserting it into her vinyl scalp (this involves taking the doll's head off) then (finally) tying a small knot and pulling the hair swatch through and snug to her scalp. To finish up, the hair must be treated with very hot water (almost boiling) to get it to lie flat and for styling. Lastly, when the hair is dry (after being held in place with some pipe cleaners) the new hair is trimmed off to match the old. It is tedious work but well worth it to restore this pretty little doll from 1963! She is stylin' now :-) Also~her lips have been meticulously hand painted (using a magnification visor to get things p-e-r-f-e-c-t.)

Doesn't she look great? Finally, her cheeks have been blushed with artist's soft pastels (which absorbs into the vinyl and colors it over time.) Her robe is a vintage Skipper flannel robe made in Japan. Check out the little kitten on her pocket! (She is too cute for me.) 


:-) lg  


  1. Wow, lg! That is marvelous work. How do you know how to do that - hair restoration, etc.? I'm so impressed.

    Skipper is so cute - and I love the bathrobe. :) Well done, my friend!

  2. Lynn! Thank you so much. I have to agree, she is gorgeous! :-) I read up on it extensively and then took the plunge. And there was a learning curve where I nearly destroyed dolls in the process :-D The hardest part was figuring out what type of materials (paints, doll hair, etc) to buy to properly restore the doll...

  3. Nice work! How were you able to find hair in the same colour? That seems like it would be a challenge for a doll from 1963!

  4. jSarie,
    Thanks for stopping by! I just posted a note on your blog re: this question! Stop back by again :-)

  5. jSarie,
    Here is the link for the sire for that hair: :-)


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