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Vintage Nancy Ann Storybook Doll

These sweet little bisque (ceramic) painted dolls were made from 1937 to 1947. 
It is rare to find one today without chips or crazing (having fine cracks) 
on the surface of her tiny bisque body. She stands only 51/2 inches high 
(smaller than a 9 inch high Vintage Skipper doll.) This Nancy Ann's hair 
is soft, curly Mohair. Her little arms move and her legs are stationary.

I love (love) her pouty little face! The Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls 
are made to look down from the neck toward their belly as if they are 
extremely shy!  But, here she is, in her vintage cream colored Muslin dress 
posing most reluctantly...for you

Nancy Ann Abbott, who worked as an actress in Hollywood 
and designed dresses for the 'stars,'  was the creator of an 
extensive line of these little dolls via her company 
Nancy Ann Dressed Dolls (1936.) she (for a doll) is as sweet as they come! 



  1. She does have a bemused look. :)

  2. Indeed. (What a great design, eh?) Thanks for stopping by, Lynn.

  3. Her expression is priceless, lg. You can tell she's an oldie, but a sweetie! :) Neat blog!

  4. Yes Talon. I was drawn to these little dolls by the pouty expression they have that is true to life! Some (those with 'pudgy bellies') sell for 300.00 + dollars! Thanks for stopping by Talon, dear one! I appreciate it!

  5. She's adorable! She reminds me of a little Virga bride doll I bought on eBay--similar body style, hands and hair, although my doll does not have this special sweetness, and she's made out of plastic. Maybe there were lots of imitators?
    She's definitely a timid, tiny treasure. :)

  6. Emily, I think that this company first made Nancy Ann out of bisque and then later they switched to hard plastic with eyes that open and close (but the doll still looked down in a shy posture.) Glad you like her!

    Karen (louvregirl) :-)


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