Who'sThat Girl?

Featured Doll: "Who's That Girl?" (Kana #06)

(made by VOLKS, USA, INC., 2013)

Although this doll is not a vintage doll, this cute little long-haired doll made by 
VOLKS, USA has gracefully made her way into a collection that I own. 

This is a fully articulated (jointed) doll (unlike the vintage Barbie doll) that is 
27 cm tall (10.63 inches tall; about the same size as a vintage Barbie doll, 
who is 11.5 inches tall.) Her hair is rooted Saran hair (...I think it's Saran, 
it does feel like it) and is a beautiful golden honey color 
that is very long (much like Goldilocks here!) 
Her longish bangs sweep across her 
sweet little heart shaped face!

I have a proclivity (to say it nicely) for dolls made in Japan (as vintage Barbie 
and the like were, of course) and this most delightful little doll was made there. 
Here is a link to the site on which I found her: 


Note the bubble wrap cardboard packaging has Japanese writing on it 
(for example, see on the box where the sticker says 5,800 yen?!) 
I'll leave you to figure that out. I am giving a 'nod-'nod!' 
to all dolls...made in Japan today. Yes, I 'love' them. :-)
(Well, as much as you can enjoy and even appreciate 
the workmanship of a doll that is cute and very well made. :-)

Anyway...thank you most certainly--for bearing with me, 
readers and fellow 'doll-lover' friends. 

[As an aside, (here) I must say, that I do hear 'all the time,' 
those who say (things like) "I just don't like dolls" 
or "I'm just not into dolls-I never have been." 
Well, that's O.K. here, too. 
I mean, I'm not offended (in the least) by those who say 
that they are in the 'non-doll' camp.  
(What I say is: "I'm O.K.--you're O.K." :-) )  
But what I am hoping here, is...that I can coax you via this 
(my) site, to perhaps come to more fully appreciate 
both the superb craftsmanship and some of the beauty 
of a well made doll or toy. 
And that will be enough. :-)]

The Japanese have a longstanding history of carefully designing dolls 
(and doll clothing, vintage Barbie doll clothing especially) 
that are both unique and most superbly made indeed.
They are dreaming up exciting new dolls as I write this! 

Last photo: A comparison to the vintage Bubble cut Barbie doll 
made in Japan (by Mattel) years and years ago, as well. 


lg! :-)


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